Somatic Movement Therapy

Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapy aims to create flow in the whole body from within your own body. A Therapist supports the process of Self-healing and Self-unwinding by activating channels on cellular, muscular, fascial level as well as organs, body liquids, energy, and mental structures and functions. 

I am an Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapist in training on my path to certification.


Breath. Arrive. Move.


The therapy is a dialogue between the two bodies of the client and the therapist. This dialogue creates a field of information, may it be spoken, shown through body expressions or energy flows. Every Session is individual and can include:

  • Expressive Arts such as Yoga, Dance and Sounding to support Flow, Connectedness and Relationships

  • Somatic Dialogue to bring awareness to your Self

  • Bodyworks & Movement Education to create flow in your body, mind and your bodymind. 


All Sessions are absolutely discreet and held in save spaces. 


Our behavioural patterns cover a wide range of facets, which may look complex to understand.
And yet it is simple when we acknowledge that they have their offspring in our life's experiences and that we have stored them in our very own way in our mind and body. 

This leads to our individual way of how we communicate, move or express ourselves.

In the process of the Therapy sessions, we explore the storages in us and gain awareness of what is there and release those parts that are no longer supporting our realisation of the Self in this moment. 

You will be freer to make different choices, release your stress caused behaviours, create a deeper compassion and ease and experience relationships to yourself and your environment with more clarity.


Why you?

There is only One You and this You is connected to all around and with every particle in the universe. 

As you are reading this you already show that you have an awareness of your Self and being compassionate with yourself.

This Therapy is free from dogmatic teaching as the teacher or the therapist is you yourself. 

Together we want to give this teacher room to express and heal itself.

This is why we use movement, touch, consciousness and dialogue to open new pathways of flow and clarity.


  • Become free to make different choices.

  • Release stress inducted behaviours

  • Create deeper compassion and ease

  • Experience the personal relevance of relationships

  • Gain more clarity

  • Let old patterns go

  • Release pain

  • Support places of flow within you


The Therapy can be used as complementary to any other physical or psychological therapy you might currently visit.

Booking & Location & Pricing

Please book directly through me either by email or by telephone +41763792358

individually plannable in the greater area of Zurich

at your home, office, workspace or at these studios:

@Cosmic Flow™, 8002 Zürich

@Yoganation, 8008 Zürich

@Seeschau, 8703 Erlenbach

Time: individually plannable

Conditions: upon appointment and requirements

Payment: EC/credit card, twint or Cash at the location