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Andreas J. Bartneck

My name is Andy, born 1977 in Germany.

Exploring and travelling the world and diving into the vast richness of our earthly home and meeting manifold cultures as well as discovering the whole in a puddle was my great inner guide throughout my whole life.

Climbing the mountains, diving the oceans, feel the wind on a motorbike cruise, sitting in Zazen, practice a "downdog" (Adho Mukha Svanasana), receiving a hug or having a moment of listening to music means to me the joy of being alive - here and now.
I teach Yoga from an intrinsic motivation to share the joy, self-compassion and happiness and also to transmit the ancient wisdom.

"We are all mirrors, which are our bodies and we are all reflections which are our minds."


  • Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapy Training / Bali / Dr. Scott Lyons & Myra Avedon (100h)

  • Mindfulness Fundamentals (16h)

  • RYT 300Yoga Alliance /Embodied FlowTM Inspired Yoga Facilitator / Bali / Tara Judelle & Dr. Scott Lyons (300/300h)

  • RYT 200
    Yoga Alliance / AirYoga Zürich
    Stephen Thomas


Current Training

  • RYT Prenatal Yoga Teacher
    Zurich / Sue Elkind (40/80h)

Upcoming Training


    • Mindful Educator Essentials


ZEN Buddhism

Tantra Philosophy

Hatha Yoga

Anusara Yoga

Embodied Flow

Somatic Movement

Mantra Yoga / Kirtan


Yoga teaching Style

My Style is primarily to activate your individual abilities and also depending on the Energy Level in that present moment of the class or session.

Besides that, I pay attention to beneficial alignments and breathing patterns throughout the whole class.

In general, I conduct classes including Meditation, Pranayama, Asana for different Levels simultaneously, and relaxation sequences.  


I teach all yoga classes in German a/o English and also use the Sanskrit form of the Asana Poses or Mantras.

All sessions in Somatic Movement and Mindful Practices I guide in either German or English. 


Somatic Movement Therapy

Mindful Practices


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